Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Law and Logos

Perpectivalism opens up new ways of seeing everything. The fact/value distinction that used to irritate me now invites me to see more than I did before. As I meditate on the "is" and "ought" of things, the Word looms larger in my mind. (By "Word," I mean the "ought" of things, the Logos, the norm, the law.)

Imagine our universe without the Logos--take the laws of physics away from space, time, matter, and energy. The result is a blind, biblical Chaos, "without form and void." Chaos is not nothing--that is a pure and perfect zero, the elegance of an empty set. Chaos is indescribably different from nothing--but there are no words for a world without the Word.

But then, as any biblical inerrantist or physics geek knows:

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